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Sea scouts in foreign countries (English-topic)

Berichtdoor orion3oy » Ma 28 Mei, 2007 20:22

actually fok here in greece a sea scout group built a lelievlet five years ago. since then five more lelievlets have been constructed (ours is the fifth) and three more are going to be made in a few months.
my group decided to built a lelievlet even though we weren't sea scouts.
be patient!!! pictures are coming soon.

PS: i wanted the designs because i think there is a construction fault at mine lelievlet.
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Geregistreerd: Do 17 Mei, 2007 07:49
Woonplaats: Athens, Greece
Scouting groep: 3rd Scout Group of Kallithea

Berichtdoor Rory » Ma 28 Mei, 2007 21:29

What sort of construction fault do you think there is at your vlet?
Maybe it's possible to describe it in words? So we can help you finding an answer to this possible fault at your lelievlet?

I didn't know there were built lelievlets even in Greece. I'm very curious to see some pictures!
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Geregistreerd: Do 14 Apr, 2005 13:53
Woonplaats: Rijswijk
Scouting groep: St. Martinus, Zaltbommel

Berichtdoor Fok! » Ma 28 Mei, 2007 22:31

Me too! Very interesting!
I feel an urgent need for a location visit coming up! ;)

orion3oy, do you guys in Greece sail at sea then or like us, just at inland waters or whide lakes?
I'm asking, because the pictures from RAN from Israel clearly show us seascouts at open sea. Although they don't sail in lelievletten.
Geen zeeman kan varen, zonder kompas,
geen schipper kan zingen, zonder zijn glas!
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Scouting groep: Waterscouting Vita Nova, Schagen

Berichtdoor orion3oy » Do 07 Jun, 2007 17:37

Berichten: 6
Geregistreerd: Do 17 Mei, 2007 07:49
Woonplaats: Athens, Greece
Scouting groep: 3rd Scout Group of Kallithea

Berichtdoor landsc_te_water » Zo 10 Jun, 2007 16:54

That's a cool picture at the horizon a fregat.
There's always a light at the end of the tunnel..................just pray it's NOT a train.
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Geregistreerd: Ma 31 Jan, 2005 19:26
Woonplaats: Gelderland
Scouting groep: www.regiozon.nl

Berichtdoor orion3oy » Ma 18 Jun, 2007 09:40


Sea Scouts of Kallithea, near Athens, welcome the Carpe Diem.(spirit flame)

PS: full size (http://www.spirit-flame.com/joomla/inde ... &Itemid=26)
Berichten: 6
Geregistreerd: Do 17 Mei, 2007 07:49
Woonplaats: Athens, Greece
Scouting groep: 3rd Scout Group of Kallithea

Berichtdoor Meesje » Ma 18 Jun, 2007 12:07

I really like your pictures Orion!

Isn't that a lelievlet at the right?
Liever met jou in de sloot, dan alleen de zee op
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Woonplaats: Dordrecht
Scouting groep: Willem de Zwijgergroep III

Berichtdoor Geertrui » Ma 22 Okt, 2007 12:41

I am planning to study in France for one semester, and i'd like to meet some sea scouts there to practice my french and exchange experiences. A little research and some emails later, this is the result so far: I received this message from a marseillan seascout, who gave me some advice about which city to chose. For those who don't understand the french language, i have tried to translate the message into English, in which i'm nbot very good.
Bonjour Geertrui,

Tout d'abord, bravo et merci d'avoir entrepris d'apprendre le Français,
qui est une belle langue, même si elle est très difficile. Est-tu sûre que
tu viens en 2009 et pas en 2008 ?

Pour répondre à ta demande, il y a plusieurs éléments à considérer :

- du point de vue académique, l'université d'Aix-Marseille est une des
plus anciennes et des plus réputées de France et tu trouveras ici toutes
les spécialités ou options universitaires que tu peux souhaiter. C'est
certainement le meilleur choix pour quelqu'un qui étudie les Langues ou
les Sciences Humaines.

- du point de vue de la qualité de vie, Avignon est une très jolie ville,
mais c'est une toute petite ville... Nice est au bord de la mer, mais la
vie y est chère et les étrangers sont plutôt des touristes ou des vieux.
Grenoble est une ville universitaire très agréable (même si le ciel est
souvent chargé et qu'il y pleut beaucoup), mais qui a plutôt une vocation
technologique que littéraire (beaucoup d'Ecoles d'Ingenieurs). Marseille
est la plus belle ville du monde (en toute objectivité ! ), il y a 300
jours de soleil par an et elle est très vivante, si bien qu'on oublie
assez rapidement que c'est probablement une des villes les plus sales
d'Europe... mais la vie y est douce.

- Il y a des Scouts Marins à Nice, ce sont des Eclaireurs Israélites et il
semble qu'ils n'ont pas une activité très soutenue, nous n'avons jamais de
nouvelles d'eux. Il n'y a pas de scouts marins à Grenoble et en Avignon.
(ce n'est pas au bord de la mer !)

- A Marseille, le Groupe Marin compte 40 jeunes de 8 à 17 ans, qui
naviguent 1 à 2 fois par mois sur des bateaux habitables (cabine +
couchettes) de 7 mètres. Nous recherchons des chefs et des cheftaines qui
aiment la mer, pour encadrer nos Louveteaux, Mousses et Marins et cela
pourrait être une expérience très enrichissante pour toi comme pour nous.
Avec cela, tu serais sûre de maîtriser très rapidement le français parlé,
avec l'accent de Marseille !

Voilà donc des réponses à tes questions, n'hésite pas à nous demander tous
les renseignements que tu voudras, nous serions ravis de t'accueillir dans
la cité phocéenne.

A bientôt !
Amitiés scoutmarines.

Eric Nouaille-Degorce
Chef de Groupe
Scouts et Guides de France
12ème Scoutmarine du Levant

And the translation:
Hi Geertrui,

First, bravo and thank you for learning the french language, which is a beatiful language, although very difficult. Are you sure you are coming to France in 2009 and not in 2008?

As an answer to your question, there are several things to consider:

- From an academic point of view, the university of Aix-Marseille is one of the eldest en best reputated universities of France, and you will find all the specialties and possibillities that you wish for. It is definately the best option for someone that studies Languages of Social Sciences.

- From the lif-quality point of view, Avignon is a very nice, but small city. Nice is situated by the sea, but life is expensive there, and the foreigners are mostly aged people or tourists. Grenoble is a very nice university city (although it is always cloudy and it rains alot there), but it is more of a technical university than litterary. Marseille is the most beautiful city in the world (i'm being very objective!), the sun shines 300/365 days, and life is good there, so you'll forget very quickly that is is probably one of the most dirty cities in Europe. But life is cool there.

- We have sea scouts in Nice, they are Israëlian Explorers and it seems that they don't have much regular activity, we don't hear often from them. There are no seascouts in Grenoble and Avignon, because those cities aren't situated by the sea!

- In Marseille, the group of seascouts counts 40 members aged 8 to 17, who sail their boats (7 metres, cabin and beds) once or twice per month. We are looking for leaders who like the sea, for training our members of all ages, that could be a very enriching experience, both for you and for us. Doing this, you could easily improve your knowledge of the sproken french, with a marseillan accent!

So these are the responses to your questions, don't hesitate to ask us all the information you are looking for, we would be very pleased to welcome you in the phocean city!

See you!
With seascout-greetings,

Eric Nouaille-Degorce
Group head
Scouts et Guides de France
12ème Scoutmarine du Levant
"Nicht der Wind, sondern das Segel bestimmt die Richtung"
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Geregistreerd: Do 06 Okt, 2005 13:06

Berichtdoor Geertrui » Zo 02 Dec, 2007 16:21

If you are interested: I have received a new reaction from the Marseillan seascouts, and translated it here:

Dear Geertrui,

We do not only have groups near the sea, there are severel scouts near Paris that navigate on the lakes, and near Alsace, they navigate on the Rijn but that is not on salt water.

In France, scouting activities take place on saterday afternoons and during the whole sunday. Some children go to school on saterday morning.

We have an annual meeting in Paris in december to meet other seascout leaders and talk about things like material, rules and instruction and all the things we are interested in. To navigate together, there are trainings for guides and skippers, that take place once or twice a year in Bretagne. Every summer, we have a national seacout camp in Croisic, southern Bretagne, at wich we welcome all scouts that want to discouver the sea. We are also busy organising a really big festival for seascouts in august 2008.

You are more than welcome in Marseille, you're already part of the family! If you want to became a leader, that is possible, and I think that that would be very enriching for both you and our younger scouts.

Tomorrow we will navigate together with the christian scouts from Aix en Provence, they are not seascouts but they want to discover what we do. As you see, religion does not separate the scouts!

Are there perhaps in your group any scouts in the age of 8-11? Mine would love to correspond with young scouts in other countriies, why not with the dutch?

Friendly greetings,


So, are there any members on this forum that have 8 to 11 year old delphins that wold like to write or email with some french scouts? Please contact me, and I will pass on the news!
Laatst gewijzigd door Geertrui op Zo 02 Dec, 2007 16:24, in totaal 1 keer gewijzigd.
"Nicht der Wind, sondern das Segel bestimmt die Richtung"
Berichten: 7028
Geregistreerd: Do 06 Okt, 2005 13:06


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